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Zero Tolerance 


The club has adopted a “Zero Tolerance Policy” in conjunction with our etiquette  policy that prohibits verbal or physical abuse, harassment, or threatening behavior by anyone involved in the club in any capacity. Any participant (including, but not limited to, parents, children, coaches, board members, volunteers, and fans) who are abusive (verbally or physically) toward any person (including, but not limited to, opposing teams, parents, coaches, referees, players, and spectators will be suspended. 


Those who blatantly disregard either policy will be subjected to these consequences: 


First Offense- Verbal or written warning to parents of player(s) in club


Second Offense- No participation for 1 week of game for player(s) in club, this may carry into the next season. 


Third Offense- No participation for 3 weeks of games for player(s) in club, this may carry into next season 


*Continued abusive of our etiquette policy after 3rd offense will call for a JTYS Board decision of your player(s) to not be granted registration in the Jim Thorpe Youth Soccer Club 

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