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Jim Thorpe Youth Soccer is a youth soccer club, and involves interactions between adults and children.  Because of this, a certain level of etiquette is not only expected, but required.  This club exists for the kids.  The JTYS board is committed to creating a positive experience for our players, parents, and coaches, but most importantly the players. 

On this page, you will find links to the etiquette that we have asked our coaches, and the parents of our players to abide by.  Parents are expected to hold their children to these guidelines as well.  Please take the time to read these documents, and understand their meaning.  If you have any questions please contact the JTYS Board.


All coaches are required to read, accept, and sign a Coaches Etiquette form before the season begins.

When a player is registered for a season with Jim Thorpe Youth Soccer, they are required to sign a Parents and Players Etiquette form.  Also included in the Etiquette form is our Zero Tolerance Policy, Jim Thorpe Youth Soccer has adopted a Zero Tolerance policy regarding improper behavior and harassment within our club. Parents are expected to help coaches support a fair and fun atmosphere for the children to experience a supportive team experience. 

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